Kalamazoo Masters Swimming is a group of fitness minded adults (18+) who have joined together to form a workout group, a team, and a home to a variety of swimmers. Our swimming community is open to swimmers of all abilities, and includes those who are focused on developmental swimming, improved health and fitness, and competition, with several members competing at the local, state, and national level events.

We are proud to count athletes who are life-long swimmers, and those who consider running, biking or triathlons as their primary focus but desire to cross train in the water as part of our team. In essence, the group is a community of people who are like-minded in the belief that overall wellness and healthy living, strength, and focus begins with a regular routine of exercise and effort through movement.


Our team is a workout group and is part of the Michigan Masters Swimming which in turn is part of the national organization of United States Masters Swimming (USMS). All members of our group are members of USMS, which offers benefits from insurance, SWIMMER magazine, and sanctioned events.


It's important to recognize for swimmers that being in the pool throughout our lifetime is something that is achievable and worth doing. We invite you to join us and realize your own personal goals. To learn more about Kalamazoo Masters, click here.


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